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Back when I was starting out in the working world, I never thought I'd still be working when I was 70.

That wasn't what I was I promised.

The idea was to work hard until you're 50 something, and then you can retire without a care in the world.
Then there was inflation.

Stock market crashes.

Economic crises and so on.

Eventually, by the time I was ready to retire, the landscape of the economy changed so much I could barely recognize the world I was living in.

The biggest thing to get used to was the idea that I couldn't afford to retire, if I wanted to maintain my lifestyle.

It wasn't fair. It was nothing like I'd imagined when I was a young buck.

But that's where I found myself a couple of years ago.

Working two part-time jobs. My wife still working. Never seeing my kids or grandkids.

How did that happen?

I thought you worked until you were 65 and then you relax.
I Figured I'd Have Enough Cash
to Enjoy My Golden Years!

The system screwed me somewhere along the line.

I spent 30 years in the agriculture industry. Nine to five with big international concerns for most of my life.

It was fine. I was smack dab middle class. No complaints.

But we weren't able to save much. And when I took a retirement package, my pension wasn't enough to cover our bills.

So, my wife Jacquie had to keep working. And I had to look for a part-time job.

Make that jobs. Plural. I was working two.

I enjoyed them ok. But at 70, I don't have the energy I used to. And my body tortures me after 5 days on the road!

I was spending my weekends groaning in bed recovering from the work week.
Then My Body Gave Me A "POW!"
Upside the Head

I had a stroke. And I had to spend a couple of months recovering.

Luckily, it was a mild one. Not much physical damage. I have trouble concentrating and focusing sometimes, but it was tame as strokes go.
But a stroke is a stroke!

I was in bed for several weeks. Staring out the window.

One day Jacquie came to my bedside and said, "You can't keep working two jobs. It's gonna put you in the ground, Gregy.'

I nodded and bit my lip. Then I touched her hand and said, "I'll find something better, babe."

And I knew I had to find something better not just for me but for her as well. Jacquie is only a few years younger than me. And working 40 hours a week is starting to wear the edges off her too.

So, that's when I started looking into internet marketing.

And right away I started leaping into high-ticket affiliate marketing programs.

Yes, programs, plural. Five to be exact!

Maybe it was the stroke and the lack of focus, but
I Had Serious FOMO about Online Marketing
and it Cost Me Big Money
FOMO, my grandchildren tell me, means FEAR OF MISSING OUT.

And I had it. Whenever I'd see a new affiliate program, I'd say, "That looks better than the one I'm pushing! I should try that one too! I don't want to miss that opportunity!"

And off I'd go. No focus. No persistence. Just FOMO and shiny object syndrome.

I never gave one enough time and effort to succeed. Let alone five!

I sank a LOT of money into these shiny objects. Money I didn't have. Other people's money.

Plus, I was twisting in the wind. All on my own. I was trying to be a one-man show.

I never stopped to think, "Hey Greg, maybe you should get a coach or mentor. Maybe you should outsource some of this. Maybe you shouldn't try to be Superman!"

Nope, I kept trying to reinvent the wheel and never moving forward!

So, once I had recovered enough to go back to work, I let them fall to the side. It's funny how days, weeks and months can slide by when you fall back into the 9 to 5 routine.

And that's what happened. Another few months just went up in a puff of smoke as I slipped back into my life of "quiet desperation."

But then a notice from the bank snapped me out of that hypnosis!

We had fallen so far in debt, that we weren't able to keep up with our mortgage payments. 

So, the bank foreclosed our big beautiful home. Pushed us out. 

We weren't homeless. We also owned a small rental bungalow that we moved into. 
But Losing Your Home Is Always a Shrill Alarm Clock. 
OK! I'm Awake!
Even after the house sale we still owed the bank some money. So, we had to take out another mortgage on the bungalow!

I flipped open the laptop and started scouring the web for a way to get us out of this hole. And save us from losing a second home!

But this time, I was smart about it.

I didn't throw 14 different programs against the wall in the hopes that one would stick.

I would select one proven program. I would pay extra to have a successful mentor if I needed to. I would do it right this time.

After several weeks of discussing programs with Jacquie, we landed on The Affiliate Marketer's Playbook.

What I liked about The Affiliate Marketer's Playbook is that it's not just an affiliate offer for a specific product. 

It's a system that you can use to sell almost anything. It shows you a simple way to generate a steady flow of customers. 

Customers you can add to your list. Customers you can sell your own products to if you wish. 

That was compelling. I was nodding my head as I read the letter.
Finally, here was a cure to my FOMO. No need to look at other offers, when this system could be used to sell any offer!

So, I got started and was ready to set the world ablaze.

And I fizzled pretty quick.

What I hadn't bargained for was how much work I would have to do to get the system cranking out cash.

But I know there's no such thing as easy money. So, I carved out time in my day…and night…and started doing the work.

This time I wasn't going to say, "There must be an easier way."

I was going to give this way 100%.
Like Cortez Who Set Fire to His Ships When He 
Landed in The New World.
His men would have no choice but to conquer whatever and whomever came against them.

Don't look back. Or to the side. That was my motto.

And I'm so glad I finally made that commitment.

I'm not rolling in cash right now. But the bank is off my back. Our mortgage is current. 

And Jacquie is finally making plans to retire!

And I'm waking up to all I've missed. 

For example, my grandson Reece has grown into a beast of a rugby union player. 

He's so good that he'll soon be starting for senior clubs. And maybe even play for England some day!
And Grand Dad is finally getting to watch him play!

My grandkids Tilly and William love to ride horses, and are developing into quite talented equestrians.

And we love having the free time to visit them at riding school.

Jacquie and I are even planning vacations too. 

We've never traveled much for the first 70 years of our lives. But now we're really catching the bug.

It's never too late to start!

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And if you need any help, just hit me up at greg@gregdixon.ws!
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